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Priestess Program
Mystery School

This Program is For:

Women who are ready to Rise into their Divine Feminine Essence, stepping fully into their

unique Beauty and Authenticity.

Women who are called to deeper healing and

transformation, who desire Sisterhood

and coming home to your Heart.

Together we will dive deep into the

Mysteries of Women, connect authentically with Sisterhood, share vulnerability and align to

the frequency of Love. 

You will learn about Earth medicine, herbalism, secrets of Nature, Goddess lore and Archetypes,

the Elements - Air, Fire, Water and Earth,

how to craft and lead a ritual,

lunar and solar cycles,

and how to step fully into your Radiance. 

Sisterhood is the Center of the Program,

where you will learn to share authentically,

be seen and heard, listen with your Heart, hold vulnerability as a gift. This will all be done in a beautiful, safe container where you will learn that

we are carrying the same wounds and together

we can catalyze healing and transformation. 

 You will learn the Power of "I Am" and step into claiming your Highest Self.

 You will learn to step fully into your

Intuition and Magick and



The Sacred Path Priestess Program is 9 month

Earth Based Mystery School,

full of tools and lessons to shed old beliefs and

clear the shadow of unworthiness,

so you may trust your intuition and 

Rise into your Soul's Purpose. 

Each month we will have a new Gateway, working with a Goddess Archetype,

 the Shadow and Light, Realigning to the Frequency of Love, the Elements, 

Magical Tools, Ritual and Personal Healing. 


Program Details for Each Month:

* One full day, in-person (about 5 hours) in the

Goddess Temple - Ritual, Group Work, Education, Sisterhood, Pot Luck

* A 2.5 hour Sharing Circle - online

* One 1.5 hour private session with me for your personal healing 

* Optional: 3 Medicine Journey Retreats

We Are the Ones

We Are Waiting For

Together We Rise,
Priestesses of the Earth
Radiant Love, Light & Truth
Divine Feminine Rise 

I am a High Priestess of the Rose Temple, honoring the Path of Divine Love as a catalyst to heal humanity and

rebalance the Divine Feminine.

] work with Isis, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalena, Cerridwyn, Divine Mother, Pacha Mama, Gaia, Aya, Kali. 


Follow your Sacred Priestess Path back to your Heart

What is a Priestess?

Attuning to the rhythym of Nature and the Earth’s cycles, a Priestess honors the Great Mother and

Divine Feminine in all her embodiments.

She may do this by performing sacred rituals,

honoring the Earth, serving the community with ancient wisdom as well as

integrating the wisdom of today. 

She carries the creative forces of the Womb,

the mysteries of the Moon,

the light of the Sun and the power of the Earth.

A Priestess directs her energy to restoring

the vital life-force energy of the Divine Feminine

in creating a harmonious balance  between

All That Is. 

A modern-day Priestess journeys the continuous

ascents and descents of life's spiral.

Constant, conscious deep inner work is part

of this Journey of the Soul;

to Wholeness, Holiness,

Balance and Pure Divine Love. 

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