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Individual Therapy
Follow the Path, Back to your Heart

I would love to offer support for you on your journey of Wholeness and Liberation. Shifting limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns, by connecting to the
magnificence of your Highest Self. 

Each person's path is completely different.
I am committed to the uniqueness of each client, showing up with an open heart and an open mind, trusting in the process and our innate capacity to heal ourselves.

Healing is here! You are worth it!

Therapy Techniques
I integrate many different modalities, theories and techniques to tailor each session to your individual needs. Some of these include: EMDR (Desensitizing and Reprocessing Trauma), Energy Work (Shifting Stuck Beliefs & Patterns), Somatic Therapy (Connecting the Body with the stored trauma/beliefs), EFT (Tapping), Mindfulness, Meditations, Re-birthing,
Soul Retrieval, Inner Child Work
and of course lots of
Love, Support & Humor. 

*Psyche  - Greek Goddess of the Soul

Artwork by Holly Sierra

The integration of our experiences, 

matures and transforms us,

like a Butterfly,

emerging into the light,

from its dark cocoon.

"Lily" Michele Rossman, Master of Arts in Counseling,
 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #95520
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